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Basically what we do is, We broker or buy shares from huge companies then we allow people on our platform buy and sell this shares among themselves in a peer to peer setup with very huge interest or ROI (Return on Investment)... Our Platform runs on a highly sophisticated demand and supply algorithm, while some are buying, others are selling making it a continuous system with minimal risk... Any Share You buy matures within 1 to 30 days and we help you sell it with minimum 100% interest Guaranteed.

One would ask... What is a share or stock? Stock is all of the shares into which ownership of a corporation is divided

Join us today.


To create a platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher standard of living.


Our vision is to see people live totally independent lives, free from debt and financial struggles.

How It Works


Register on our platform by clicking Sign Up then input your correct Information

Buy a Share or Shares from those willing to sell

We have thousands of people on our platform wanting to sell their shares or buy more shares....

Make Payment

Get the account details of the seller wanting to sell their shares and make payment to them

Upload Payment Proof

While making payment via transfer, mobile or internet banking, ensure that you take screenshots to be uploaded as evidence of payment. When payment is done via Mobile Money eg. MPesa, take a full screenshot of the transaction and upload it.

Get Payment Activation

When you have uploaded the proof of payment, get in touch with the existing seller you made payment to, to confirm payment has been made thus activating your package and making you a share owner. In the extremely rare case of the seller not activating your package, kindly write a support ticket to the admin and we will investigate the payment.

If the payment evidence is confirmed to be true, we will activate your package and permanently block the account of the existing seller. If the payment evidence is found to be false, your account will be permanently blocked as there is no room for fraudsters on PEERAUCTIONS.

WE Help You sell Your Share to other Buyers with 50% ROI (Interest) in within 30 days

Upon activation of the share you bought... You don't have to do anything anymore, we will automatically help you sell your shares within 30 days with guarantees... E.g Assuming you bought a share worth N20,000 You get back N30,000 Returns within 30 days

Receive Payments from Buyers

Each interested Buyer is given 2 hours to make payment. In the event that a buyer fails to make payment within the stipulated time, the buyer's account will be blocked. However, a buyer can request for a time extension of 6 hours from you and you can extend the time frame by 6 hours.

When a buyer makes payment and uploads evidence of payment, DO NOT confirm payment without checking your bank account balance from your financial institution. If you do so, there is nothing the admin can do about it as payment confirmation is an irreversible process on the system.

Activate Buyers

When you are fully convinced that a buyer has made payment, you can proceed to confirm their payment.

Auto Recycle

You are free to choose if the system should autorecycle you or not



PEERAUCTIONS is peer to peer stock exchange platform .

What is the aim of PEERAUCTIONS?

Our aim is to create a platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher standard of living.

How are the shares sold on PEERAUCTIONS Different?

We connect buyers and sellers sell or buy shares within themselves smoothly

Who can join PEERAUCTIONS?

Anybody of any age and sex can join PEERAUCTIONS. Equal benefits and Interest are assigned to all.

Is Running Multiple Accounts Allowed?

Yes, you can run multiple accounts, but you must run them with different usernames and email addresses as those are unique in the system

How Much Does Setting Up An Account Cost?

Setting up an account with PEERAUCTIONS is absolutely 100% FREE! No charges whatsoever!!

How Long Will It Take Get Buyers To Pay Me?

We help You connect to Buyers of your shares within 30 days... To increase the flow of new users in the system, we introduced the autocycle feature which encourages new and existing prospects to keep investing in the platform while retaining their profits of course.


There are two ways to join PEERAUCTIONS:

  • You get invited by an existing member via his/her referal link. After clicking the referal link, you will be redirected to a registration form page where you fill a simple registration form. This process takes less than two minutes. After successfully filling the form, you will be granted access to your dashboard where you can join a package and start investing.

  • In the event where you are not refered by anyone, you can head over to Sign Up and fill out the simple registration form there.

How Much Bonus Do I Receive From Refering People?

You get 10% of the FIRST package your referals sign up for. For instance, if you refer someone to the system and the person starts by joining the ₦2,000 Package, your wallet will be credited with 10% of ₦2,000 which is ₦200. However, after that package, the next time your referals invest into the system, you will not receive any referral bonus.

How Many shares Can I Buy at the same Time?

You can only run buy from 2 different companies at same time

How Do I Receive Payment?

The buyer the system assigns to pay you will make payments via the Local Bank Account Transfers or Bitcoin details you provide while filling the registration form.


PEERAUCTIONS is a multi-level interpersonal organization where individuals who will help each other deliberately, will join with their details. Also, the registered members from PEERAUCTIONS have a bound together monetary relationship, and this has demonstrated the motivation behind why PEERAUCTIONS is not a subject of legitimate relations thus the PEERAUCTIONS community can't be illicit. Giving cash by one member to another is not disallowed by either universal or nearby lawful frameworks.

I Have Made Payment But My Payment Has Not Been Approved?

PEERAUCTIONS is a timed system. Members are given 6 hours to confirm payments made by their downlines (provided valid evidence of payment has been uploaded). Once this time frame elapses and there is still no approval, the case will be automatically moved to the PEERAUCTIONS Court where judges (the Admins) will preside over the issue and reach a verdict to confirm or cancel the payment based on the statements and evidences provided by you and the member you were matched to.

Help!!! The buyer Assigned to Pay Me Refused to Pay

Keep Calm, there is no need to worry here. Once the time assigned to a buyer has been exhausted, the system will block the account of the downline and assign a new downline to pay you within 12 hours.

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